Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Watch the video of Tboss and Kamen on stage that got AY into trouble

Below is the video that has caused a huge debate in social media, bars, schools and offices.
Some people claim AY sounded as if Kamen should't be blamed for touching Tboss inappropriately, while she was asleep, others insist Ay was just trying to make peace between the two embattled housemates...

This matter na wa!

Those of us who watched the show saw how they got to that point.
Tboss was aware Kamen was in lust with her. In fact, obsessed with her.
Any woman with common sense knows better than to get into compromising positions with a man who constantly ravishes you with his eyes, words and deeds.
So, it was a bit surprising, if not suspicious, when in the final weeks of the show, she would request full body massage from Kamen. 
He was crazy about her, yet she handed him a fat slice of his wet dreams. 
Even Eve didn't go that far with Adam.
Who wouldn't take it? Wasn't her gesture a good sign of things to come?
It was of course! Tboss was naked in those sessions!
Kamen's strong fingers would sensually administer oil, rub gently, squeeze tenderly and caress lovingly, every inch of Tboss... Egbe!!!
Even the viewer felt Kamen's turgid reaction through the screen.

Going further, out of the blue, she invited him to share a bed with her.
Oh yes!
First night, he rubbed his lower region against your bum and she didn't move.
It lasted long enough for any living human being without paralysis, to wake up and enjoy it, or rebuke it. 
Next day, he did the same...
People are saying no means no, but did she say NO at any point in time?
She claims she was asleep; Come on!!!??? 
Like I said, that wasn't the first time.
You still let him jump in bed with you when there were several empty beds in the house.
Kamen probably didn't want to be a slacker.
How many women tell a man, "Hey! I'm finally ready to formally have sex with you. Let's commission our intimacy today!"?
Most times,maybe all the time, things progress to that level.
Men have learnt to read the signs to be sure a woman is ready for the final leap. 
Tboss gave him too many signals eeehhh!!!
The last one terrified some of us.

When Kamen had to hold the hose to help housemates wash the grime and filth off their bodies following a task, only Tboss took off her top, exposed her bejeweled breasts, with Kamen splashing water over them.

Haba! Even if the man were female, he would have had fleeting lesbian thoughts there and then.
Only Reuben Abati thinks those boobs are not the shiznit. Abati, you 'is' a liar!
They are awesome and Tboss knows it!

In between, watch a video of how she took off her top in front of TTT and same Kamen...

People who are tagging Tboss the victim, obviously didn't watch the show. They saw a clip and judged.
You all can come for me with your opinions, I don't kia! I know what I know.
Meanwhile, AY has apologised....

Let this matter do and go away.
It's stealing the shine off Efe and other housemates.

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