Monday, 15 May 2017

Church critic, OAP Freeze commends Apostle Suleman for...

The On Air Personality posted this message on his IG...

I will always preach a balanced message no matter who gets offended. My followers know that I like Suleiman for 2 things
1: His stand against MMM
2: His generous spirit.

When he errs I am quick to condemn him, so when he has done well, let me employ the same haste to commend him.

How many pastors in Nigeria can share clean TOKUNBO cars like these to their pastors and congregation? I am a petrol head so I know about cars. These mint CAMRYs are better than brand new Kia's and more affordable to maintain, with readily available parts and mechanics that can fix them so no one should say the cars are old, he chose well!

Whilst other pastors are driving Rolls Royces and their congregations and pastors are trekking, Suleiman is driving on the same road as his members.

I can also see provision made for widows.

Let's give credit to whom credit is due, this time, he has done well, very well!👍

#FreeTheSheeple "

I agree that successful pastors should assist needy members.
For instance, members children should be considered when pegging tuition fees in schools owned by their churches. It should not be about profit making.

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