Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Witnesses 'rush' woman to hospital after she got battered by husband

The ugly incident happened in Kwara State...

Domestic Violence is becoming too rampant.
Time to start treating it like the crime it is.
A wife or husband need not die before the law steps in.


  1. This bothers me terribly as women still put up with domestic violence. This is not the first time he best her, I wonder why she put up with it.Why do people encourage women to go back to thier abuser backs of children, or what people will say. Some victims even blame the issue on the devil saying the man is being used by the devil...Ladies if he hits you once , he would blow you the 2nd time ...Runnnnnnnnn. Not worth it.Dont let your children grow up In a toxic environment. And fellas pls stop that bullshit saying the woman provoked the man...Be a man and walk away when she gets mouthy.

  2. I know the hardship under this government is very high, please take it easy and don't pour the hardship and anger on someone else ( wife) they are not the cause na. if you too vex, go beat Buhari for Aso Rock.


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